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Crime Prevention

The Division of Capitol Police realize that the key to achieving a safe and crime free work environment is through a pro-active approach by both police and state employees.

In that regard, Capitol Police has worked to train, educate, and assist state employees in making their workplaces safer. Crime Prevention training encourages employee responsibility, and promotes partnerships and information sharing between employees and Capitol Police. Training and educational materials are provided at no cost to state agencies within Capitol Police jurisdiction.

The Division of Capitol Police offers a number of different Crime Prevention Services. The Division has several Certified Crime Prevention Specialists that provide Crime Prevention talks covering Work Place Violence Prevention, Workplace Theft Prevention, Suspicious Persons, Threatening Phone Calls, Threatening Communications, Confrontational or Threatening Customers, and Personal Safety Awareness.

Personal Safety

There is no:

  • Firm or fast rule
  • Magic list
  • One right option for everyone in every situation



12 Months of Awareness- Message from Colonel Pike

It is my pleasure to announce the Division's "12 Months of Awareness" Campaign in which we plan to focus on the safety awareness of our stakeholders and visitors here at the seat of state government. The campaign will have themes each month and will consist of presentations that will focus on safety tips and resources. With the weekly tips, the Division will host a monthly luncheon to discuss popular topics, present guest speakers and answer questions. We encourage you to bring your own lunch as food will not be provided.

The next session will be held on August 26, 2015 from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. at the Richmond City Health District, 1st Floor training room (400 East Cary Street). This session will focus on Internet & Technology Safety.

To ensure that you receive our safety presentations and luncheon information I encourage each of you to signup in the Virginia State Capitol Alert Network (VSCAN) if you are not already a member.

Presentations for the Month of August

Presentations for the Month of July

Presentations for the Month of June

Presentations for the Month of May

Presentations for the Month of April

Presentations for the Month of March

Presentations for the Month of February

Presentations for the Month of January

Presentations for the Month of December

The following are brochures designed to assist in several situations:

"Your conduct and behavior are the best ways to communicate to criminals that you are not an easy target."

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