The Division of Capitol Police Commonwealth of Virginia


Friday, March 06, 2015


Employee-of-the-Month for August 2015 

Officer Sean Chaulklin

Employee-of-the-Month for July 2015 

Sergeant Anthony M. Gulotta

Employee-of-the-Month for June 2015 

Officer Davon Fant

Employee-of-the-Month for May 2015 

Officer David J. Boyland

Employee-of-the-Month for April 2015 

Officer Mathias Varga

Employee-of-the-Month for March 2015 

Officer Nathan S. Brown

Employee-of-the-Month for February 2015 

Communications Officer James P. Key

Employee-of-the-Month for January 2015 

Officer Clarence A. Nowlin

Employee-of-the-Month for December 2014 

Ms. Julie Redden


Employee-of-the-Month for November 2014 

Sergeant Michael H. Flick


Employee-of-the-Month for October 2014 

Officer Matthew D. Muhlheim


Employee-of-the-Year for 2014 

Officer John M. Jones


Service Awards

                          Five Years

                          Sergeant Chanda N. Cross

                          Sergeant Michael H. Flick

                          Officer Reginald D. Hester

                          Officer Laura L. Taylor

                          Officer John M. Jones

                          Officer Raymond E. Peay

                          Ten Years

                          Sergeant Phillip A. Blaschick

                          Officer Marcus Brigil

                          Sergeant Anthony M. Gulotta

                          Officer Allen D. Norton

                          Comm. Officer Valencia R. Wilson

                          Fifteen Years

                          Officer Michael B. Bresko

                          Officer Jerry J. Chandler, II

                          Officer Arthur W. Clarke

                          Officer Wayne A. Jones

                          First Sergeant James R. Seaton, Jr.


Police Officer II Appointments

                          Officer Michael B. Bresko

                          Officer Michael S. Kirkpatrick

                          Sergeant Todd D. Wood


Senior Police Officer Appointments

                          Officer Brian C. Alexander

                          Officer D. Sean Chaulklin

                          Officer Woodrow W. Dowdy, III

                          Officer Joseph M. Nichols

                          Officer John T. Nicholson

                          Officer Francis M. Stevens


Special Recognition/Employee Suggestions


Goal Champions – Strategic Plan Implementation Team

                          Lieutenant John McKee

                          Stephanie Dillon, Human Resource Mgr

                          Sergeant Dianne Dowdy

                          M. Jane Sparks, Security Officer

                          Lieutenant Thomas Hickey


          Employee Suggestion Program

                       Sergeant Phillip Blaschick

     Sergeant Joshua Duncan

     Sergeant Michael Flick

     Sergeant Matthew Ceto

     Officer Angela Petry


Retirement Awards

                          Sergeant Stuart A. Hall, Jr.

                          Sergeant Edwin V. Pearce


Community Service Award

                          Officer Arthur W. Clarke


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